ACTIVE (Association for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Innovative Ventures in Europe) is the first pan-European trade association for cannabinoids and terpenes uniting companies, scientists, thought leaders, and investors in Europe.

ACTIVE strives to help create a safe industry to all users and professionals of cannabinoids-based products.

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Our Unique Approach

Regulatory mastery is a strategic asset and a pan-European approach is a way forward

Thanks to ACTIVE national chapters we know what’s happening across CBD products categories in the 5 key markets (France, Spain, UK, Germany, and Italy) and we can share the best local practices across the continent.  

From Brussels, we strengthen and relay a coordinated message all over Europe.

We named ourselves ACTIVE for a reason. Driven by opportunity, the ACTIVE team is ready to do whatever needs to be done. We anticipate, move fast, support each other and pay it forward to solidify our relationships with our partners.  We protect, educate and connect CBD investors, entrepreneurs, and regulators and all relevant stakeholders to make Europe the best place to unlock the power of CBD.


Organization of conferences to facilitate potential collaboration, develop the industry, and build relationships between economic and political players.

Education and communication with the general public about CBD.

Publication of legal analyses in partnership a world-class law firm, detailing the most compliant path towards commercialization of CBD products throughout Europe.

Why join ACTIVE?

Exclusive access to information and research on the development of CBD.

Unfettered access to experts in lab analysis, sales, suppliers, online payment systems, and more.

Promotion of your company throughout ACTIVE’s network including our members list, newsletters, and conferences.



Budget Estimation

All work carried out by professional members of the association is done voluntarily and pro bono. Members must accept ACTIVE’s code of conduct in order to maintain the highest standards of professionalism of the association.

Legal analysis in Europe with international law firms.

50 000 €

Implementation of educational campaigns regarding regulation and compliance on CBD.

400 000 €

Events to bring together professionals & experts in CBD.

85 000 €

General running costs (compatibility, printing services, etc..).

15 000 €

About Us

ACTIVE positions itself as the first European CBD trade association.

The model of ACTIVE is that of a full-service trade association. Thanks to compliance guidelines, event production, and market research, we act as the unified voice of CBD businesses; and the most forward-looking ones who join ACTIVE have access to an infrastructure designed to support them on a European scale.

Members of ACTIVE benefit from the expertise of its in-house staff, board members and strategic partners, who are pioneers in the CBD conversation, and resources that are aimed at all of the inflection points in a CBD-products company’s life.

By taking charge of lobbying and compliance efforts for its members, ACTIVE allows them to focus on their business preparing for the opening of EU markets.

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Laurène Tran
Executive Director, Europe
[email protected]

Antonin Cohen
Compliance Director
[email protected]

Javier Rodríguez Saiz

President of ACTIVE Spain

[email protected]

Arnaud Cohen
President of ACTIVE France
[email protected]

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